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      Using the right stand for your Christmas tree is very important.  One of the most important things to keep in mind is the amount of water a stand holds.  Keeping the bottom of the tree trunk wet at all times adds to the length of time your tree will hold its needles.  A stand which holds a large volume of water will require less frequent filling.

     In addition, the type of stand you use can affect the ease of putting up your tree after you take it home.  The best stand we’ve found is the one made by Treeteck.  To use this stand, you simply place your tree, with a predrilled hole in the trunk, over a pin in the stand.  There are no screws, straps or fasteners to deal with.  After removing the netting from the tree, you can then easily rotate your tree to find its “best” side.

    For small to midsize trees, we suggest the four leg stand.

    For larger trees, we suggest the five leg stand.