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   Once a tree has been brought to the barn, several things may happen to it.

   First, we will check to see if you want your tree drilled.  This free service is available for those who have stands which have a “pin” in the center to hold the tree straight.  The tree is placed in the cone of the drilling machine, and the top is held in a brace to keep the tree straight.  A drill bit is then raised into the trunk of the tree to bore a hole.

  Next, we will probably shake your tree.  This process removes old needles from the center of the tree.   All conifers, as a natural part of their growth cycle, shed older needles as they grow new ones.  Shaking the tree gets rid of many of these needles so that they won’t be carried into your house.  If your tree is wet when we shake it, fewer needles may fall from it.  Also, we are unable to shake some of the larger trees because of their size.

   Finally, we will bale your tree.   Baling the tree makes it much easier to handle, both in transporting the tree to your home, carrying the tree into your home, and setting it up.  We recommend leaving the netting on the tree until you have the tree set up in your home.  Once you have the tree in the stand, simply cut the netting and remove it.