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  Fraser Fir

    Fraser Fir have short, deep green needles with silvery undersides.  The limbs are moderately stiff, and the needle retention is excellent.  Fraser Fir is an outstanding choice especially if you have heavy ornaments or plan to leave your tree up for a long time.  These trees are gaining in popularity every year.



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  Concolor Fir

Concolor Fir have medium length needles which are bluish in color. These trees are not common in this area.  They have a citrus scent when you crush a needle. Needle retention is excellent.  We have also been told that Concolor trees cause less problems for people with allergies than other trees.








Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce are one of the old classic Christmas tree varieties.  They have short, sharp, dark green needles.  The limbs are relatively stiff.  Needle retention is fair to poor depending on the individual tree.